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 The largest, most diverse office spaces in the new, modern
fast developed business B.S.R. area in Bnei Brak located
just at the outskirts of Tel Aviv

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Small offices - from 50 sq.m
Large offices - whole floors - a sequence of several floors
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? Why would you want to buy an office space at the BBC
The doorstep to Gush Dunn's business center is the venue for one of Israel's most impressive projects. Your ticket to new business opportunities. O
Welcome to the BBC - Israel's new business center. O
The BBC is located at the very tip of the Tel Aviv's business district. Its strategic location, along with attractive costs, as compared to other Gush Dunn's business districts, have made it one of the most sought-after sites in Israel. O
A main traffic artery connecting the BBC to the heart of Gush Dunn is currently being built at the entrance to the business center. O
The BBC's attractive location at the Em - Amoshavot interchange and its proximity to a wide range of public transport planes, will make it particularly accessible around-the-clock. O
Top architects have been planning the business center for over two decades. O
Attention to detail, vision, and long-term planning, have made the center a symbol of smart urban planning. O
The business towers are an architectural icon, thereby setting new standards of luxury and quality. The smart urban planning will make this an environmentally friendly and pleasant site for its beneficiaries. The business center's exclusive administration will keep the site clean, oversee traffic and parking arrangements and address the needs of the area's business owners. This will ensure a clean, pleasant and inviting business center for customers, employees and guests. BBC businessmen, employees and guests will enjoy a wide variety of stores cafes, restaurants and green public seating areas. O
BBC - Israel's new business center. O
A project that sets new standards of luxury in business. O
A new skyline for the Israeli business world. O
BBC - Israel's new business complex. O
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